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common mistakes parents do with teenagers

Check Common Mistakes Parents do with Teenagers

Parenting a teenage child can be the most stressful experience if not handled properly. You might feel you are on a roller coaster ride as you try to find a balance between the discipline you want to establish in your children’s life and help them grow into happy, adjusted adults and the resentment that you […]

develop artistic skills in your child

6 Effective ways to Develop Artistic Skills in your Child

The word “art” includes the entire creative process and a child can learn to articulate himself or build up expressions physically of his thoughts entirely by himself owing to his knack or this virtue can be developed by a little help from the parents and surroundings. Unfortunately schools eliminate the art classes when they need […]

ways to manage your child’s anger

Effective 7 Ways to Manage your Child’s Anger

Anger itself cannot be judged as good or bad, especially when your child is angry you need to give a deeper thought for the reasons. Consequently your child can deal with anger either constructive or in a destructive way. As a parent sometimes it becomes very harsh to deal with your angry child and you […]

tips to bond with adopted child

6 Easy and Effective Tips to Bond with Adopted Child

Adoption is not an easy decision on the parent’s side; similarly for the adopted children it becomes awkward to accept the new set of parents. However, to gain the attachment with your adopted child there are many factors you need to keep a check on. Like, it depends on the child’s age as well as […]

improve your child’s self esteem

Activities to Improve your Child’s Self Esteem

As a parent, it is your responsibility to boost your child’s self esteem which might be a bit difficult task at times. Self esteem plays a very important role in the success or failure of a person. Thus it is very important to lay a good foundation for your child. The word self esteem and […]