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negotiating with the young minds

Negotiating with the Young Minds

One of the virtuosities that an able parent must possess is the power of negotiation. Now, you must be wondering, “Why should you negotiate with your kid, when you can effortlessly impose your choices on them?” That is an expedient shortcut with despondent after-effects. It entails a major part of their character construction, whereby lies […]

rear a bookworm child

Tips to Rear a Bookworm Child

“Nothing gives you as much pleasure, pain and satisfaction as storybooks. When entrapped in the maze of the lines of the alluring book, you start an exquisite journey along the pages which becomes a memorable one.” The previous lines characterize the conventional viewpoint of an avid reader. Just as much as these words stand true, […]


Homeschooling: An Educational Boon or Curse

Homeschooling involves educating pupils at home without assistance of any educational institution. This method of education has arrived with inflaming popularity, with the growth rate being 7 to 15 percent per annum. Homeschooling children execute good performance in standardized examinations; can be successfully admitted to colleges and universities for pursuing higher studies, have been reportedly […]

stock for back to school pantry

Essentials to Include in the Stock for Back to School Pantry

From new backpacks to lunch boxes, from designer pencil boxes to cool uniforms, it’s that time of the year when you shift back into a more rigid and disciplined schedule. With so much of pressure on both yourself and your kids and so much energy spent, all of you need your system stocked up with […]

follow while the baby is on board

Tips to Follow While the Baby is on Board

A long trip of 4 to 6 hours can be apprehensive for not the elders alone, but also the babies. A two month old baby has a rudimentary idea of boredom and has enough lung capacity to make you attend to the situational requirement. The clamor and cries of a baby can be exhaustive for […]