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potty training equipments to buy

The Most Essential Potty Training Equipments to Buy

If you are a parent who wants to teach your toddler how to use the toilet on his own without your help and are ready to give him some potty training, then you must know that there are some tools and equipments that you may need for this purpose.  Potty training tools or equipments help […]

ways to teach children to apologize

5 Ways to Teach Children to Apologize

Apologizing is a good habit which parents must teach their children about. This not only helps them accept responsibility but also is a good habit upon which they will be judged all their lives. Children who do not apologize for their mistakes from the beginning will find it difficult to do it later on in […]

child development myths one should be aware of

Most Common Child Development Myths One should be Aware of

Once you have a baby, almost everyone around you from the baby’s grandparents, aunts, uncles and neighbors will flood you with well-meaning advice. While on one hand it is impolite to turn down the advice they offer you, on the other hand, you must be very careful of what you believe to be true. There […]

best activities for teens to indulge this summer

The Best Activities for Teens to Indulge this Summer

Summer times are the best times for teenagers and kids as it is that time when they get a break from school and can indulge in many interesting things and activities. This is the time when kids can engage themselves in sports, games, toys, outings, camping and so many other fun things. If you are […]