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pre pregnancy weight

Mother’s Pre-Pregnancy Weight Not Linked to Kids’ Behavior Problems

In recent times, there has been research that indicates a link between behavioral problems among kids (including problems with intellectual development, ADHD risk, and other problems with behavior) and the pre-pregnancy weight of the mother, however a new study has indicated to the contrary. A new Dutch-British study found there to be no co-relation between […]

messy tweens

4 Tips to Handle Messy Tweens!

Disorderliness or messiness is a growing kid’s right; or so do the kids themselves truly believe! Being messy is a very common developmental trait amongst pre-teens.  Although it might seem like a bug having taken over your once sane and organized kid’s mind, there is no need for you as a parent to get so […]


The McDonald Suits – Who Really Is at Fault

One of the reasons often put forward for the rising rates of obesity among kids is the clever marketing of unhealthy fast food by the likes of McDonalds and other chains – their insidious advertising, happy meals and so on, make unhealthy food very attractive to parents, leading to a number of suits against McDonalds. […]

fussy child

How to Deal With a Fussy Child?

Are you a parent who is continuously dealing with a fussy child? If yes, you are not alone. Fussiness is common in growing children, especially if you are a working parent and are not being able to give enough time and attention to your kids. Here are some reasons why children could become fussy: Health […]

santa phobe

Is Your Child a Santa-Phobe?

Kids are supposed to love Santa, but this is a familiar story – waiting in a long line at a crowded mall for a chance to sit on the lap of a stranger. The child is by now cranky and tired, over stimulated and overheated and then is told to sit on the lap of […]

recalled items

Comprehensive List of Recalled items available on one site for Parents

Often parents may have some apprehensions that X medicine has been recalled or that Y product or toy has been declared unsafe for use and been recalled; however they may not be aware of the details of this. Now however there is a very useful online resource available for parents; a one stop resource for […]

Fun Green Games

7 Fun Green Games For You And Your Whole Family

?Spend hours of fun as a family playing green games that’ll delight and inspire!

protect your child from abuse

How To Protect Your Child From Being Abused?

When I was growing up, there wasn’t much awareness about abuse inflicted on children. Children being punished severely or being beaten up for committing a mistake or for not studying were considered common acts of discipline that every conscientious parent undertook diligently and practised regularly. Sexual abuse of children was unheard of. Sometimes it was […]


ADHD and Criminal Behavior May Be Linked

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is known to raise risk of behavioral problems such as antisocial behavior, substance abuse, and problems with criminal rehabilitation. Why or how this connection between ADHD and criminal behavior occurs is not clear, nor does it mean that every person who has ADHD is likely to turn to criminal activity; […]

santa claus

How to Handle a Waning Belief in Santa?

For many parents, a disbelief in Santa Claus marks a lamentable loss of childhood innocence; an indication that their baby is growing up and somehow a lessening of the magic of Christmas. So how can parents help their children nurture the fantasy of Santa Claus? When kids see one Santa at the mall and yet […]