How To Choose The Correct Pre-School For Your Child?

When you look for a new job, or for a new house don’t you invest a lot of your time and energy towards the search?

Choosing the perfect pre-school for your child is almost as important, if not more, because this is the place where your child will spend a chunk of her time during her crucial formative years.

The environment must be a nurturing one and the staff must be loving and affectionate towards children in general.

Here’s what you can do: Check out your local newspaper or the Internet, or better, ask your friends, relatives, neighbors, and remember that unless these people are really very pleased with their experience, they wouldn’t recommend it to another.

Talk to them and find out how their child fared in the pre-school they used, and if there were any problems with it.

Once you have zeroed in on a few, find out how much it would cost you. Also, measure the distance from home to school, and find out if it is practical or feasible for you to take your child to a distant pre-school, when there may be another one closer.

Next, call the school and find out if it is accredited, and whether they have strict regulations about the running of the school. Guidelines are always important, and you can rest assured that a school that follows rules will do nothing but good for your child.

Research the teacher-child ratio, and remember, the less the ratio the better it may be for your child, because this way she will get the special attention she deserves.

If possible, observe the ways in which the teachers interact with the children under their care; the warmer and more open they are, the better it will turn out for your child.

Find out about the system of education [preschool education] in the school you have zeroed in on, and analyze whether this is what you want for your child in the long run. If not, delete the school from your list and move on to the next one.

An informed choice is of utmost importance! Remember, an informed choice is infinitely better than an uninformed one, especially when it involves your precious child and her future. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask questions and obtain answers when you are in the process of choosing the best pre-school for your child. All the Best!


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