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Techniques to Promote Good Behavior in Kids – Part 2

In part 1 of this post, we saw some techniques to promote good behavior such as praise, selective ignoring, using of rewards, motivators and reminders, and so on. Here are some more effective techniques to promote good behavior in kids – 1. Negotiate – Many parents tend to think that willingness to negotiate is a […]

wound cleaning

Wound Cleaning May Be More Important than Antibiotics for Healing

If you are the parent of a child you know the positive talent kids seem to have for falling, scraping knees, splitting knuckles, grazing palms and injuring elbows. As a parent one may also be aware of the problems that an infected wound may present. Recent research suggests that proper cleaning of a wound is […]

parents and kids drinking

Parents Letting Kids Drink, Say Statistics

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has released the statistics from a study that sheds shocking light on how parents were facilitating underage drinking. 6% of American kids aged between 12 and 14 years of age have had at least one alcoholic drink in the last one month and from among those, almost […]

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Techniques to Promote Good Behavior in Kids – Part 1

Which parent doesn’t like a well behaved, happy and well adjusted child? For that elusive goal of a well behaved and happy child, these 10 techniques to promote good behavior may help – 1. Praise – This is very valuable in reinforcing good behavior since kids always look to parents for approval. However, make sure […]

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The Challenges of Healthier School Food

You can serve a school kid broccoli, but it is quite another matter to have the child actually eat the food, as schools serving healthier foods are finding. Reactions to healthier food being served at school cafeterias are mixed – while some kids are indifferent to the change, others like the change; however many actually […]

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Sleep away Camp and Sexual Abuse – What Parents Need to Know

A courageous firsthand account of suffering sexual abuse at the hands of a camp counselor at age 10 is contained in a soon to be released book by Senator Scott Brown. Against all Odds is a book that will offer salutary lessons to parents about what to beware of about their kids going away to […]

alternative treatments

What Alternative Treatments Can Be Used for Kids?

Parents would be correct in being careful about any treatments that they use for their kids, and the wide arrays of treatment options available can prove confusing.  Are alternative treatments suitable for kids, and if so which are the alternative treatments that should be used? The argument is made by Dr. Lawrence Rosen, a pediatrician […]

valentine day ideas

Don’t have a Baby Sitter? Here is what to do this Valentine’s Day

Today is one day that baby sitters are going to be at a premium if not downright impossible to find – with parents wanting to spend some quality time together to reconnect on this day for lovers, this is bound to be the case. Here are some tips for Valentine ’s Day if you don’t […]

kids safe from cyber bullying

What Parents Can Do to Keep Their Kids Safe from Cyber Bullying?

Parents may not be fully aware of the kind of problems that a child can suffer as a result of cyber bullying, so it is important that they become involved and keep their children safe from this phenomenon as far as possible. Use these tips to keep kids safe from cyber bullying from the NCPC […]

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Public Service Ads Help Parents with Ideas to Keep Kids Active

Scenario One – a young girl comes down the steps asking her mom for a dollar. Mom is downstairs in the kitchen and her purse is right there, but she tells her daughter to check upstairs. Then she tells her daughter to check elsewhere, in all the closets, and so on making sure she has […]