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school vacations

5 Ways to Avoid “Brain Drain”: Keeping Your Kids Engaged During School Vacations

As the days grow longer and the weather gets warmer, it seems that everyone is looking forward to the long, lazy days of summer — especially the kids. And while almost everyone agrees that some time to relax and recharge is a necessity, when “lazy” is the only word you can use to describe each […]


How to be a Successful Foster Carer

When you become a foster carer with Fostering Solutions, you will receive help and support from them regarding all aspects of caring for your foster child. Setting rules, providing a stable environment and encouraging a routine for the child are all significant parts of the role. Children seeking to be fostered come from a variety […]


Effects of Domestic Violence on Children Facts

When two partners are living in a violent relationship, they seldom think about the effects of domestic violence on children facts. The truth is that such experiences may be more harmful for a child than the parents could ever realize and this is why parents have to think about their children first. The child’s emotions Usually […]

Raising Your Spirited Child Tips

Raising Your Spirited Child Tips

Having a spirited child can be a blessing and a course in the same time. If you are looking for raising your spirited child tips most probably your child is very active, enthusiastic, and most probably he or she is coming up with more ideas than you could follow. Consistency In this case it is a must […]


Fun Recycling Activities for Kids

One of the hottest topics of the moment is recycling, so you may be looking for fun recycling activities for kids. There are a lot of projects for children that require recycled items, and you can turn these into art projects. Plastic caps Most probably you have a lot of plastic bottles at home that you […]

visitation rights

Divorced Fathers: More Than Just Visitation Rights

In divorces, mothers tend to end up with primary custody and fathers are left with visitation rights. This means that you are not around to help your children grow up and achieve major milestones. One weekend a month and one major holiday a year is not enough to build a firm bond with your children. […]

trip to orlando florida

Treating the Kids to a Trip to Orlando Florida

Summer break is about to take off and this is the right time to plan and treat your kids to a fantastic trip. A vacation in Orlando, Florida is a perfect treat for kids of all ages and an enjoyable destination for the adults as well. Here are the top 5 attractions of Orlando that […]


Children’s Birthday Party Ideas

Although parents might think that they aren’t that important, children will always remember their birthday parties, so you should be looking for children’s birthday party ideas that will make the event even more memorable. Having a Girl One of the ways to make a birthday party memorable is to choose a color scheme that your daughter will […]