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functional family therapy

Know all About Functional Family Therapy

Functional Family Therapy is a treatment model for youths having a criminal record or some other significant misconduct to help them have a better life by involving their families in the programme. Functional Family Therapy was a concept introduced by Dr James F. Alexander and Bruce Parsons in the year 1970.  The therapy includes conducting […]

paediatric dental issues

5 Common Paediatric Dental Issues Parents Should Look Out for

Effective oral care and maintenance of hygiene is vital in order to keep your child’s teeth healthy and avoid oral problems during adulthood. It is a difficult task for parents to get their kids to take care of their teeth and gums as kids often refuse to brush their teeth regularly and develop other oral […]

tips to adjust and make your child enjoy at preschool

Tips to Adjust and Make your Child Enjoy at Preschool

Preschool is the first and the most important part of a child’s life with respect to his or her development and progress. Children learn basic academics, manners, socializing and many other important activities at preschool. It can be really tough to make your toddler adjust to preschool for the first few days as it is […]

advantages and disadvantages of bilingual education

The Common Advantages and Disadvantages of Bilingual Education

There has always been a considerable amount of debate about the acceptance or rejection of Bilingual Education in schools. However, based upon facts, both the sides have their own justification which differs from person to person. In this write up we shall be dealing on both the common advantages and disadvantages of Bilingual Education. Common […]

richard ferber’s baby sleeping method

Richard Ferber’s Baby Sleeping Method

The Ferber method is devised by Richard Ferber who is also the head of the Centre for Pediatric Sleep Disorders. The Ferber method deals in managing sleep routine for babies between 3-5 months of age. The purpose of the method is to make the baby adjust with the new environment to sleep and according to […]

children cheating in school reasons and cure

Children Cheating in School – Reasons and Cure

Lying and stealing have become a common habit amongst school kids, especially teenagers; but they are extremely inappropriate behaviours and should be checked immediately to prevent further damages. Some kids have severe forms of these behaviours, which actually indicate serious psychological problem, but in most cases it’s simply a common behavioural problem that can be […]