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childs creativity

5 More Tips To Nurture Your Child’s Creativity

Encouraging a child’s creative side not only helps him expand his mind, but it also makes a child happier to be involved in activity that she enjoys. It can bolster his self esteem that she is creating something of beauty or value. Here are some more tips to help encourage and nurture your child’s creative […]

child grow

Tips On Stepping Back And Letting Your Child Grow

Marni Jackson, author of Home Free: The Myth of the Empty Nest speaks about modern parenting, which can make it difficult for parents to let go. Her advice is – We work too hard at mothering and perhaps should learn some un-mothering. Families are closer these days and so letting go is that much more […]

tv viewing

An Impact Of TV Viewing Upon Kids You May Not Have Thought Of

We know all the negative impacts that TV viewing can have on children – from making them inured to violence to actually spurring them on to becoming violent, and having other damaging psychological impacts on them, TV viewing is also known to be at least partly responsible for a spurt in childhood obesity rates. And […]

obesity surgery

The Growing Trend Of Obesity Surgery For Teens

It is becoming something of a trend, according to the findings of a study published in the Pediatrics journal – teens undergoing bariatric surgery for weight loss such as the commonly preferred laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, or LAGB. The study found that there was a 5 times increase in the number of teens (individuals between […]

childs creativity

5 Tips To Nurture Your Child’s Creativity

Children are born without preconceived notions about anything, what is this, how is it made, is it beautiful? All of these are concepts that kids develop later in life. So given this wondering innocence that is a child’s mind, this is the right time to steer gently a child and his activities in a creative […]

children lose weight

Encouraging Your Tween To Lose Weight

Obesity levels among kids has more than tripled in the last three decades so clearly there is a cause to be very worried, and a strong call for parents to help their children lose weight and achieve good health. Firstly, find out if there is a particular reason for your child being overweight. There could […]

parental support

What Parents Can Do To Support Their Child’s Learning?

Parental support and encouragement can be crucial to a child’s success at school. So how can you effectively give support and encouragement to your child to bolster academic progress? Here are 6 tips to help your child do better at school: Check and heed the information that comes home each day from school via your […]

pta meeting

PTA Events – Who Should Attend?

With marriage, divorce and remarriage being what it is in modern times, families and family structures are becoming ever more complex with more than one set of parents, and several step parents, and shared custodies of children. In such a scenario, several questions as to a child’s upbringing arise – one of them being whether […]

healthy school lunches

Healthier Kids’ Lunch Alternatives For Parents

For sure, parents are looking to feed their kids healthier, and with it now being the back to school time, they are looking about for lunch options for their kids which are not laden with fat, sugar, sodium and preservatives, but are still convenient. And food manufacturers want to fulfill this parental requirement for healthy […]

security blankets

The Security Blanket 101

Why does your child need that ratty old teddy bear, the raggedly looking old blanket or any seemingly dear item that he or she cannot seem to do without, particularly when it’s time for bed? It can be irritating and not a pretty sight for a parent, dragging around a dirty, ratty object. Parents can […]