What Parents Can Do To Support Their Child’s Learning?

Parental support and encouragement can be crucial to a child’s success at school. So how can you effectively give support and encouragement to your child to bolster academic progress? Here are 6 tips to help your child do better at school:

  • Check and heed the information that comes home each day from school via your child. Forms to be filled and other requirements should be met promptly.
  • Be involved enough in your child’s academics to see what assignments, homework, projects etc, are there and whether they are completed on time or not.
  • Help your child plan and prioritize. Help them get started with assignments on time so that there is no last minute urgency and stress to contend with. Learning about time management will help with organization of tasks.
  • Don’t forget to appreciate the efforts of the teacher if he or she is doing a good job helping your child learn and grow. Keep the lines of communication open between yourself and the teacher.
  • If your child brings home a complaint about something, first cross check with the teacher about what really happened rather than rushing to file a complaint based only on what your child says.
  • Visit the classroom, perhaps have lunch with your child and keep yourself involved by volunteering for school activities.


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