Mood Swings In Children! What To Do?

As everyone knows, mood swings is nothing but the alternate moods from mania to depression.

Usually, in adults it lasts from several weeks to months and even more, but in case of children, they experience quick mood swings that cycles numerous times within a single day.

In general, children have natural reactions to any problem and overcoming those worries is not of a concern for them.

Actually, worries, tensions, etc are a part of emotional feelings at some stage of development in children.Mood Swings

On the other hand, some children feel a bit insecure and have worries over certain things in their own world and they are bothered more than other easygoing kids.

Being a parent, you have to be keen on your child’s behavior time to time. You need to identify the triggering factor of your child’s mood swings. Also, you should find out what type of mood swings your child is experiencing.

If your child is facing a problem with overcoming worries, then your child might be suffering from depression or anxiety.

It is important to know what sets off your child’s mood swings. Try to know if your child is frustrated, tired, angry, bored, etc or if your child is experiencing any upsetting incidents with family members or friends at school. Is your child sensitive? Try to identify what is triggering your child’s anxiety or depression.

Make a chart of mood swings. List out how frequent and severe these mood swings are coming on a daily basis and how they are interfering with the development.

If you suspect your child has depression, then this is a very serious condition that needs to be monitored and treated by a licensed and experienced professional. So, immediately take your child to a health care provider.

There, the licensed psychiatrist will first diagnose your child and will try to find out the reason for these mood swings in your child. Then, proper treatment can be started.

Treatments for mood swings in children!

These mood swings seen in children can be treated with medications, but apart from these medications, as a parent you have to give enough time to make your child stable and strong psychologically.

There are numerous therapies available to cure the mood swings in child, however, understanding the psychology of your child is very important. Following the recommendations given by the psychiatrist is necessary. It is important to use only the drugs given by the psychiatrist.

The most commonly used medication is lithium. Lithium is an anti-psychotic drug, which helps to stabilize both mania and depression, but there are some side effects involved with lithium such as drowsiness, fatigue, weakness, etc.

If you prefer not to use lithium, then anti-convulsants can be used to stabilize mood swings.

In traditional treatments, natural remedies will be used for normal functioning of the brain and to balance the emotions in children.

MindSoothe Jr. is formulated especially for children. It is not addictive, a natural herbal remedy and is 100 percent safe in stabilizing the children’s mood swings.

If there are any mood disorders in the family like anxiety, depression etc, then counseling with professional is advised.

Do not neglect if there is any difference in the behavior of your child and give proper attention towards your child.


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