Is Your Toddler Biting? Tricks To Stop Your Toddler From Biting!

Is your toddler biting? You will be in embarrassing situation if any one complaints about your toddler biting another child.

If your toddler bites for the first time, you will be in shock. You will think that my toddler did such a thing!

No need to worry. Toddler biting is a temporary problem. Toddler biting is common problem found in daycare centers and preschools.

You should think that why your toddler is biting other kids. They bite often because they want to relieve from stress and pressure in their gums while teething. Some toddlers think that it is a fun game to play with you.Toddler Biting

Preschoolers often bite because they don’t know how to handle with stress. They don not have the skills to communicate what is wrong with them.

Toddler biting is upsetting to you. If you do not deal with it while they are young, the habit will continue as they get older. You have to follow some tricks and hints to help your toddler biting habit get away from him.

Here are the tricks to help your biting toddler cope with stress

Trick1: If your toddler bites someone, tell in a strict voice that “you should not bite people”. You have to express your dissatisfaction about your toddler biting behavior. You have to remove the toddler from the situation.

You should not bite your toddler back. If you are doing it, your toddler thinks that parent has a right to bite the child but a child do not have.

Develop a plan of action if your toddler biting is not stopped and if you have not been able to stop the biting. Be prepared to take the emergency action. Ask for the meeting of caregivers. Teacher, baby sitter or day care helper should include in the meeting.

Agree on consequences for the toddler biting behavior. Everyone will understand and should be consistently carried out. The consequences should be loss of favorite toy, time out, or sent home. The consequences should be suitable for the age of biter. It should be strictly followed.

Trick2: You can stop the toddler biting behavior by comforting the biting victim. Toddlers know that biting hurts. Remove the biter from the situation and concentrate on the victim.

This shows your child that his action caused pain to the child. Show them how to give sympathy to the victim.

Ask your child to agree for his bite. Ask him to apologize. Ask your toddler to offer the victim, a band-aid. Ask him to draw a picture showing apology to the victim.

As a parent, you should apologize to the other parents right away. You have to tell the parents of the victim about your toddler biting in person or through phone call.

It is best and correct way for the victim’s parents to know about your toddler biting their child from you than a third party.


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