Spending Time With Teens Can Ease The Job Of Parenting Teens!

Parenting teens is a thankless and tough job.

There are certain factors that affect the teenagers most likely, like the support they get in the school, community and at home, stress from outside and within the family, and the child’s characteristics.

If you have a teenage girl, parenting becomes huge challenge. You must have perseverance and patience. Parenting teens requires more guidance, especially for girls who are under stress.

To have the best parent and teen relationship, there are three major things that should be maintained. They are psychological autonomy, monitoring and connection.Parenting Teens

Signs to observe while parenting teenage girl:

For parenting teens, you should observe the normal behavior or activities of your daughter that cannot be explained by the issues of adolescence like changes in their appearance, peer groups or friends, staying in the bathroom for a long time, disorder in eating, fighting with classmates, slipping grades, cutting classes, appearing sleepy, agitated and depressed.

Under these conditions, you must set and enforce the rules and clear boundaries to control them. At this stage, she may lose self-worth and self confidence and become less active, neglect her aspirations and interests and she may become weak at studies.

At this moment, she may inculcate the negative aspects from outside and the risky behavior.

By looking the models in the magazines, your daughter may try to look like them. For this purpose, she may suffer from eating disorders to look like the model.

Care should be taken to prevent this disorder as it prevents their growth and development. The teenage girls are at higher risk for sexual abuse than boys.

Sexual abuse can be avoided if you provide your daughter close-knit family, close friends, disciplined parental supervision, community resources along with family and sense of self-worth to adapt for the circumstances that has changed.

You can protect your teen from outside negative influences by communicating positively with them. This helps them to develop the power of independent decision making.

Spending time with teenager is important:

If you spend the leisure time with the teenager, it will help in increasing your relationship. It will also help to improve the skills with one another. If you are engaged in recreational activities with teenager, you can have pleasant setting.

The unpleasantness of discipline can withstand if your relationship is built on kindness and warmth. By spending time with teenager, you can monitor them. First, the free time spent for kids without supervision should be cut down.

Secondly, the discussion regarding the friends can be done in a relaxed atmosphere. Very often, parents know the teenager friends by attending schools, or by inviting the child when outing with your family, team performances involved with friends and by recreational activities.

If you give your children boundaries, time, encouragement to think on their own and love, then you can see the actual enjoyment by their adventures through adolescence.

Parenting teens may be a difficult task but it will be easier if you are friendly with them.


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