How to Choose an Adoption Lawyer?

The child adoption process can be complicated and no matter, whether you are adopting privately or adopting from an agency, you will be in need of a guide or attorney to help you through the process. There are adoption agencies that coordinate between children who need adoption and parents who are looking to adopt.

In case of private adoption, the attorney coordinates between you and the actual birth parents of the child who are looking for families where they want to place their child.

choose an adoption lawyer

Here are few things that you should consider before hiring an adoption lawyer:

Make a List of Few Questions

You can start looking from the lawyers who have agencies in your area only. There are few questions that you should surely ask:

  • What is the cost of the adoptions on average basis that you have handled?
  • How do you charge? Is there is flat fee or do you charge on hourly basis?
  • Is there a requirement of retainer fee? If yes, how much is that? What happens to this fee if the birth mother changes her mind regarding giving her baby?

Qualification of the Attorney

It is always better to go for an attorney, who is experienced and qualified to handle adoption cases. Also ask about the number of non-relative adoptions that he or she has completed that year. The number should not be less than 15-20. Also ask what percentage of his or her total practice is devoted to adoption cases.

Ask about the services that he or she provides. There are lawyers who would just take care of the legal matters and there are also lawyers who would assist you in finding an adoption house, if required as well. Ensure that the birth parents and you are represented by different attorney in the court.

There are many other things that you need to consider while hiring an attorney and no matter whom you hire, he or she should be able to provide answers that satisfy you. It is also important that you can communicate with the lawyer easily and he or she return your calls and answer your mails as well. The lawyer should be well versed in the latest adoption laws of your state as well. Most importantly, the lawyer and his or her staff should be able to handle adoption cases sensitively as adoption is a delicate issue.


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