Practical Parenting Tips

It’s never easy to be a parent, let alone a good parent. This is why you might be looking for practical parenting tips. Naturally there is no general rule regarding what it means to be a good parent. The main point is to see your children grow up to be happy and successful in what they do.


In our days more and more children do their best to avoid reading, even if this is one of the best ways for them to develop. You could make it a rule for the kids to be in bed by 9 p.m., but you should let them read as long as they want to. This way they will grow up to be avid readers.


Usually it is difficult to make children eat fruits, but parents have to be persistent. If you are looking for practical tips for parenting, think about this rule: when the child gets home, first he or she has to eat fruits. After that they can have snacks as well. This way, children will eat less snacks and more fruits.

Open-Ended Questions

When it comes to the practical parenting tips you should know that it is important for children to communicate so that they will reach social development.

Instead of asking ‘how was at school’ you should ask ‘what happened at school today?’ Most probably you won’t get monosyllabic answers.


It is normal for children to be curious and to bring up all kinds of topics. As one of the practical ideas for parenting you should make sure that if you are having an interesting discussion you should let it flow even if it is uncomfortable for you. However, you shouldn’t be the one bringing up topics of this kind.


You may have already noticed that children just love teaching. Don’t forget regarding the practical parenting tips that they are told what to do all day, so in order to gain some confidence, ask the child about something that they know or that they like.


It is normal for parents to wish their children to have everything, but when thinking about practical parenting tips you should remember that you don’t have to sign your child up for all kinds of activities. If it is inconvenient for you or the child doesn’t like it, there is no point in the activity.


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