8 Effective Ways to Deal with a Sensitive Child

Sensitive children may be extremely difficult to deal with but are not completely hopeless and can be dealt with through some honest efforts.  Sensitive children tend to become emotional easily and may become cranky every now and then. To deal with such a situation, you need to be patient and very forgiving.  The following are the 8 most effective ways to deal with a sensitive child:

ways to deal with a sensitive child

  1. Accept the sensitivity-don’t try too hard to change the nature of the child and accept his temperament.  Try to look at the child’s strengths and positive qualities.
  2. Provide plenty of downtime-give a lot of alone and peaceful time to your child. Large crowds may overwhelm him and he may then need time to relax and be himself.  Don’t force him to participate in group activities is he/she is not interested.  Involve him in soothing activities like reading, coloring and listening to music.
  3. Set certain limits-totally accepting the behavior can be encouraging for the child to not try to improve.  Teach the child to be a responsible adult by setting limits and learn to deal with the real world.
  4. Praise your child’s effort-your sensitive child may be shy and under-confident. Thus always make sure that you praise your child’s efforts and positive performances.  Make it very clear that hard work is rewarded and praise-worthy.  Praise will encourage the child to perform well the next time also and will make him feel confident.
  5. Provide rewards-sensitive children need to feel secure and motivated. This can be done by providing them with rewards when they perform well in school or at sports.  This will lift his spirits and create an atmosphere of positivity.
  6. Teach problem solving skills-teaching your child how to solve his own problems can really make a big difference in his life. Sensitive children become overwhelmed easily and for this, they must learn to solve current issues so as to handle situations more efficiently.
  7. Teach communication-sensitive children are often poor communicators and do not vent their feelings. For this, it is important to teach them how to communicate their feelings well and speak out their mind.
  8. Make them responsible for their own decisions-sensitive children may be over dependent on their parents but teaching them the importance of being responsible for their own decisions is important to boost their confidence and make them self-dependent.

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