Child Adoption – An Effective Substitute Of Infertility

Child adoption is an ancient tradition. Child adoption means taking on another’s child as your own but has increasingly popular for a variety of causes.

But, child adoption is totally different from giving birth to one.

Child adoption links the break between kids who have no parents and adults who have no children.

Some of the reasons for child adoption are:

  • Infertility, inability to become pregnant. some of you are unable to have children of your own and hence you can adopt a child.Child Adoption
  • Some people have the children of their own but they want to extend their family and hence they decide for child adoption.
  • Others want to give their child a better life.
  • Sometimes a single parent unable to care for their children properly and they feel that another family might be able to care for their children more effectively.
  • Same sex couples usually consider child adoption.
  • Child adoption by step parent is common after the death of a natural parent.
  • Some families place their children for adoption because of gender preference.
  • Some families do not want to contribute to a perceived population issues and hence they consider adoption is the better process.
  • Some people don’t want a child, but they can’t abort their child because of some health issues hence they place their child for adoption.
  • Single parents who do not desire to use a replacement or sperm donor also consider child adoption.

Cost of child adoption:

The cost of child adoption varies depending on the situations.

  • Welfare adoptions are the adoptions that take place as a result of neglectful or abusive natural parents. This results in the termination of parental rights. Significantly these adoptions are less expensive than some other adoptions.
  • Minority child adoptions are also cost less. This is because of the demand for Caucasian children and babies is so high.
  • Caucasian adoptions cost high. Because Caucasian families often want to adopt Caucasian children. They won’t prefer African American or Hispanic children.

Criteria for child adoption:

Every individual or couple can not adopt a child. A certain criteria must be met in order to adopt a child. This criterion varies from country-to-country and sometimes within countries. Different regions are stick to different laws.

  • When you apply for child adoption, you must undergo an assessment of suitability.
  • A criminal and mental background check may be carried out.
  • Home study and economic check might be performed.
  • You must attend some parenting courses to better prepare them for parenthood.


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